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Shaping Houston

Edgar Medina, Contemporary Abstract Artist

Ever since Edgar Median was a child, he was a creative person in love with color. Due to Edgar’s young health conditions, his parents had to keep him indoors. However, they fostered his creativity with coloring books and watercolor paints…and an artist was born. After moving to the States from his hometown in Tamaulipas, Mexico, Edgar was able to really develop his skills. Edgar’s art teacher took him under her wing and fueled his passion for creating art. Now Edgar has transformed as an artist and his work reflects his journey.


Looking to create a welcoming and accessible dance center in Houston for training and classes, Marlana Doyle created the Institute of Contemporary Dance. Marlana also founded the Houston Contemporary Dance Company, where she and the other founders aim to ignite passion for contemporary dance. 

SHAPING HOUSTON: Britney Winters

From Almeda Road to the World Wide Web, Britney Winters is working to free the tresses of Houstonians and beyond. Through her company, Upgrade Boutique, Britney is empowering women to live their lives without sacrificing their hair care needs and ultimately achieving the look that they truly desire. At Upgrade Boutique, their mission is to save women time and money on their beauty routine so they can do more of the things they love. 

SHAPING HOUSTON: Claudia G. de Velasco

During her media days, Claudia G. de Velasco first got a taste of meticulously producing something that people would get to look back on…and she was hooked. Now, with her company A Day To Remember, Claudia produces events that her clients can cherish forever. Claudia feels her niche is crafting events that represent the different lifestyles and cultures of Houston, like when she produces the quinceañeras that represent her own culture. With this in mind, Claudia conducts each event with the utmost importance, and puts all her love, passion, and care into it.


Fueled by his passion for food and his drive to equalize quality food accessibility in his community, Jonny Rhodes closed his restaurant Indigo and created Food Fight Farms and Broham Fine Soul Food & Groceries. With his chef’s hat and his work boots, Jonny is ready to feed his Houston community in a new way. 

SHAPING HOUSTON: Natasha Dadwani

Inspired by her upbringing and Pakistani culture, Natasha Dadwani started Burdlife. Connecting her love of solid gold, chunky staples, and chic piercings, Natasha has positioned Burdlife as a unique jewelry boutique in Houston. #ShapingHouston

Shaping Houston: Tyler Froberg

Tyler Froberg and Hope Farms are on a mission to provide access to healthy food and combat childhood obesity through healthy eating.  See how this fourth-generation farmer is sharing his passion for agriculture and education through innovative programs right here in Houston on a seven-acre urban farm. #ShapingHouston 


Jennifer Kahn is a New Yorker turned Houstonian whose background as a professional stage manager – including stints on Broadway – led her to design bags out of old theatre scenery fabric. See how this incredible entrepreneur is saving pounds of items headed for the dump and helping expand access to performing arts for all.